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SAP calculations

Since 2006 SAP has been required on all newly created dwellings in the UK. It's the Government's assessment method for showing a building's predicted emission rates compared to mandatory requirements under current building regulations.

Achieving cost effective compliance - The latest revision of the Building Regulations 2010 requires that all new buildings deliver a reduction in carbon emissions by a further 25%, over and above the previous standard.

When we thermally model your building using SAP or SBEM, there are many paths to compliance. Combinations of improved fabric insulation, low carbon heating and hot water services, orientation and air tightness are the main drivers. The key is to achieve compliance utilising the most cost effective means, whilst still delivering full client satisfaction.

We deliver this by running a series of models with different ‘driver combinations’, all demonstrating compliance. Our client has the ability to choose which model, based upon cost, client preference and site parameters. This gives us the ability to provide our clients with design flexibility and the reassurance of ‘best value’. Cost effective compliance made easy, just leave it to us.

A simple 5 Step Process to obtain your SAP:

1 Complete the checklist, choose your level of service, send your payment and plans.

2 Your plans and Building Specification is analysed and calculated and your Design Stage SAP is finalised.

3 Your Design Stage SAP and Predicted Energy Assessment is emailed to you, plus your invoice paid with thanks.


Sometime later, nearing the end of your build...........


4 Your Air Leakage Test is completed, and the result included in the final stage of your SAP report.

5 The As Built SAP report is completed and emailed to you. You submit this to your BCO.

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Complete Energy Consultancy have provided compliance services for our clients when required. The single point of contact prompt service and consistency have allowed us to verify compliance with the Building Regulations for numerous projects.
Paul Hughes - Act Building Control Ltd

Act Building Control Ltd

20th February 2012


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