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Residential Services

Air Leakage Testing

Complete Energy Consultancy offers a fast and cost-effective service for all your Part L1A Building Regulations air testing compliance requirements. Our Residential Air Pressure Testing service is used by construction companies, house builders, large and small developers and self builders.

We carry out air pressure and air permeability testing on all residential building types from small single flats, to detached houses and multi-dwelling developments.

All our air tightness, air permeability and air pressure tests are carried out by our trained and accredited members of the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT).

Sound Insulation (Acoustic) Design and Testing

In addition to your Residential Air Pressure Testing, Complete Energy Consultancy can also take care of your Sound Insulation (Acoustic) Testing requirements on your residential properties that have party elements i.e. walls and floors that separate individual residential dwellings.

SAP Calculations and EPCs

As of 1st April 2006, Part L of the new buildings regulations now requires that all residential developments must conform to specific target requirements on energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and running costs.

Builders and construction firms must provide an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC to prove residential energy efficiency compliance. The EPC shows the energy performance of a property to prospective buyers or tenants, helping them make an informed decision about its energy efficiency and, therefore, about the likely ongoing efficiency and cost of heating.

The method used to rate residential energy efficiency is the Standard Assessment Procedure or SAP. The SAP calculation is the only way to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L1A (New Dwellings), and Approved Document L1B (Existing Dwellings).

Why use Complete Energy Consultancy for your SAP Calculation?

We provide a complete end-to-end service, so you don't need to deal with multiple companies for your building regulations compliance. Complete Energy Consultancy can guide you through the often complex process of Part L building regulations, carry out your SAP calculation and provide your EPC at both design and built stages.

Because we are accredited by Stroma for SAP assessment, your EPC will be acceptable to your Building Control officer.

To support your planning application, you should provide your planning officer with an Energy Statement in addition to your SAP. Your Energy Statement shows what the predicted CO2 emissions (PEA) of your development will be. It also demonstrates that you have considered how emissions can be minimised or reduced by using renewable energy production equipment on the site.

Multi dwelling residential developments

If you are at pre-build stage on your development, it's advisable to consider the nature and timing of your SAP calculation, air testing requirements and sound insulation (acoustic) design and testing requirements well in advance.

Complete Energy Consultancy will help you implement the specific measures required to pass Part L and Part E. We will also help you create a full testing plan, and tell you how many of each type of dwelling must be tested.

From your project plan, we can also advise on the most cost effective timing for your tests, so that site disruption can be kept to a minimum. We will also provide specific recommendations on the steps you need to take to ensure a PASS - at no extra cost.

Overview of our residential services:

  • SAP Calculations - Complete Energy Consultancy experienced team can guide you through the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP Calculation Process).
  • Air Leakage Testing - Complete Energy Consultancy offer a guaranteed PASS result on all residential air tests, which is essential for Part L Compliance.
  • Code for Sustainable Homes - Complete Energy Consultancy have a team of Qualified Code Assessors who have experience of delivering CSH projects to customers across the UK.
  • EcoHomes - Our team of Energy Assessors are Ecohomes experts and will make the assessments as easy as possible for you.
  • Part G Water Regulations - We can calculate the predicted water usage of your new dwelling to show compliance with the new Water Efficiency section of Part G.
  • Energy Performance Certificate - Complete Energy Consultancy have a team of fully qualified assessors who can provide technical advice and provide your new build residential EPC within 48 hours.
  • Energy Statements - We can produce detailed Energy Statements detailing the overall reduction in carbon emissions if renewable energy sources were to be installed that comply with the latest regulations.
  • Extensions - If you are considering an extension or conservatory to your home, Complete Energy Consultancy can produce a report to show that the extension complies with Building Regulations.
  • Passivhaus - Designing buildings that have very low energy use and have sufficient insulation and air tightness that they don't require conventional heating systems. Complete Energy Consultancy can provide technical advice and training on all of the different aspects of PassivHaus.

Complete Energy Consultancy

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Complete Energy Consultancy have provided compliance services for our clients when required. The single point of contact prompt service and consistency have allowed us to verify compliance with the Building Regulations for numerous projects.
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20th February 2012


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